Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Apocalypse 2014

Anyone who has grown up in the South knows we seldom see snow. However, when it does get forecasted these are some scenarios...

1.) All the crazy people run to the store and stock up on bread and milk and there is none to be found.
2.) A lot of us ignore the meteorologists because they are seldom correct.

Well, the people who fall into the first category are the smart ones this time. Everyone even the school officials missed the boat this time. We had been out of school a few days because of extreme cold temperatures, which in my opinion was ridiculous. I mean what do the kids in the North do??? Do they not go to school when it is freezing or below...I doubt it. Walking from the toasty car to the toasty warm school is really not going to hurt them! Anyway, it was another cold day and they had called for a dusting in Birmingham, maybe some flurries. I thought nothing about it...until

A friend of mine and I were walking the morning of the snow apocalypse. It started to flurry when we were walking, not a big deal. However, half way through are walk the snow was really starting to stick to the ground. ( I know, why were we walking in the snow??? I take my exercise when I can get it.) We both kept looking at our phones and wondering why on earth had we not received that automated phone call stating school was being dismissed early??? Very strange considering a little cold weather had shut down schools a few days before.

When we headed home, I thought I would run to the store to get something for dinner just in case we were stuck for a few days. Well, that was a mistake I won’t make again. This snow came on so quick and dumped easily over an inch fast. I came out of Piggly Wiggly and all hell had broken loose! This is when I received the phone calls that school was getting out early. Uh Oh...I can not get there and not sure that can even attempt it.

Long story short, this mama in a mini van followed other 4 wheel drive vehicles and SUVs and jumped the curve, went through the grass. I stayed in the tracks of other cars, kept a steady pace and put on my anti skid. ( I even picked up some men who asked me if I was from the North because of my excellent driving abilities!) Somehow, some way by the grace of God I made it to the girls school. I picked up a few extra kids whose momma was stranded, and headed home. There were a few moments when I thought we were going to have to call for help, but we made it home. Christian had been tossed around by a few people who were just snatching up kids at the school. He was supposed to go with a friend, but someone else got to him first. That made me a little panicky because I wanted to have him with me.

I have never been happier in the past seven years to have a golf cart then I did during this crazy winter weather! The golf cart has those huge off road tires that will go through anything and snow was not an issue. In fact, it is how we got around everywhere for the next two days. It was also our entertainment...sledding behind a golf cart...tons of FUN!

Brian was up in Tennessee missing out on all the fun...little did he know it would happen again two weeks later.

Just another day.

There comes a time in every little person’s life that you have to go to the dentist. Christian never minded and Henley was never a fan. Until a year ago, Henley still cried at the dentist. I mean it can not be that scary...our dentist office looks like a huge toy store exploded. I was not sure how little Lucy would act, but she generally is not bothered by much.

When you get there they make you put on a big sticker name tag. It lasts all of a minute before it is ripped off and played with so many times that it no longer sticks. I usually end up slapping them on their backs, so they don’t get lost. I took the girls together and left one behind. I was not sure if I would have two crying and I did not want to have to deal with it, honestly.

Lucy walked to the back when they called her name as if she had been going for years. She was thrilled with picking out her toothbrush and opened wide when they asked her too. It was the easiest first dentist appointment I can remember...except Christian. Once they are done the kids get a toy or a token to get a toy. Easy easyand everyone was smiling when we left.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Our new Addition

It has been almost 6 months since we had to say goodbye to our sweet Jetta. There has definitely been a hole in our family without her and Foster misses her friendship. Brian has been against another dog because Foster is sooo good. However, we always are on the go and I thought it would be nice to have some companionship. Plus, he is such a great dog and his great behavior will rub off on a new dog. I have been doing a lot of research and trying to find the right dog to fit our family. Brian wanted a lazy dog, but we are far from lazy in this household.

We originally looked at a bulldog, which is lazy. However, after realizing that they are unable to swim, we had to reevaluate. Brian did not want another big dog, which is by far my favorite. We had to compromise in the middle because I do not like little dogs at all. I came across a neighbor who has a mini golden doodle. They are the cutest animals I think I have ever seen. They look just like a teddy bear. The good news is that they only get to be about 35-40lbs. Perfect. Then all I had to do was convince Brian.

It took all of about a few minutes to send a picture and give him the information to get him interested. We went to see our neighbors and he was adorable...done...we were getting a dog.

I had already been scouting out the breeders in the area and there was a litter with some puppies available. We wanted a boy and there were four to choose from. The one problem was it was first come first serve on the puppies. Whoever put a deposit down first had first pick and so on...We were third pick with the boys. The stars must have been aligned and it was meant to be for us to get a puppy. The sweet baby that we were hoping to get was the one we ended up with...Yeah!

Yeah! We picked him up the day after we got home from Disney World. What an exciting day and he is already fitting in nicely. There is one dog who is having to warm up to him, but it is getting better everyday.

Disney World Round TWO

Lets go already!

Very Excited

Boppa and Lucy napping on the plane!

We have really lucked out the past two years with going to Disney World. Brian’s company has their National Sales Meeting each January in Orlando. We just meet him out there the day the meeting are over and stay for a few days. The kids are the perfect ages right now to really enjoy the magic that comes along with a Disney vacation. This year we took little Lucy for the first time! I have to say, there is something so sweet and innocent watching a one year old at Disney. The oohs and ahhs and wide eyed expressions as she watched fireworks for the first time or saw characters was priceless!!! I now disagree with people who tell you not to take young children to Disney.

Arrival with Lai's and beverages!

Our gift from Mickey that was awaiting us!

Had to go to the Park the 1st night!

Buzz Lightyear hear I come...

Fireworks from the room...cant beat it!!!
We did run into some problems with who wanted to ride what and who wanted to go where. Having one boy in the mix and also being the oldest, well lets just say it was challenging. I am sure going forward as we continue to visit Disney this will always be an issue. It does not seem like much of a family vacation when you are constantly splitting up, but I guess that is life with multiple children. We thought about going to Universal one day, but WOW was it expensive. So, we did what everyone else does and we split up. One day it was all the boys ( Brian, my dad and Christian) while the girls did the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. While on other days Brian and I took turns going off with Christian. The little dare devil wanted to ride all the roller coasters and anything with action. The girls on the other hand could of cared less and all they wanted to do was chase down the princesses and characters and get signatures.  Christian wants to act like a big boy, but when the girls got signatures and he was not around, he was bummed. He is after all only a seven year old little boy!:)

Breakfast with Mickey and Friends!



This place is amazing! Love this dress!

If I fall asleep in has to be bought! Right?

My sweet Princess!

Me and my girls!

 Even though we were separated during the day, we were always back together at night for dinner. I think the best night was the Luau dinner. Brian got dragged on stage and had to dance with the ladies. All I can say, hysterical and the kids went nuts over this! Brian and his dance moves for the whole world to see. After the dinner, my parents watched the kids so Brian and I could go out with Todd and Courtney who live in Orlando.

My dad on stage dancing with girls at the Luau!

Brian dancing on stage!HAHAHA

Eating Fire!

Alie in Wonderland


Not so sure of you Minnie?

We love you though...

Another fun day!

Waiting in line...Boppa’s so funny

Safari ride...

Christian and Boppa

Me and Hen

OOH...look at these animals

Look Grandma!


Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale

Its a small world!

Jesse and Woody... the sun is bright



Lucy liked her...

Princess Jasmine

Tigger and Pooh

and a partridge in a pear tree...whoo...

We had the best vacation and I am so glad my parents went with us to experience the magic of Disney with the kids. A huge shout out to them for all their help. It would not have been so easy if they were not there to help keep everyone rangled, especially on the airplane ride there!