Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Apocalypse 2014

Anyone who has grown up in the South knows we seldom see snow. However, when it does get forecasted these are some scenarios...

1.) All the crazy people run to the store and stock up on bread and milk and there is none to be found.
2.) A lot of us ignore the meteorologists because they are seldom correct.

Well, the people who fall into the first category are the smart ones this time. Everyone even the school officials missed the boat this time. We had been out of school a few days because of extreme cold temperatures, which in my opinion was ridiculous. I mean what do the kids in the North do??? Do they not go to school when it is freezing or below...I doubt it. Walking from the toasty car to the toasty warm school is really not going to hurt them! Anyway, it was another cold day and they had called for a dusting in Birmingham, maybe some flurries. I thought nothing about it...until

A friend of mine and I were walking the morning of the snow apocalypse. It started to flurry when we were walking, not a big deal. However, half way through are walk the snow was really starting to stick to the ground. ( I know, why were we walking in the snow??? I take my exercise when I can get it.) We both kept looking at our phones and wondering why on earth had we not received that automated phone call stating school was being dismissed early??? Very strange considering a little cold weather had shut down schools a few days before.

When we headed home, I thought I would run to the store to get something for dinner just in case we were stuck for a few days. Well, that was a mistake I won’t make again. This snow came on so quick and dumped easily over an inch fast. I came out of Piggly Wiggly and all hell had broken loose! This is when I received the phone calls that school was getting out early. Uh Oh...I can not get there and not sure that can even attempt it.

Long story short, this mama in a mini van followed other 4 wheel drive vehicles and SUVs and jumped the curve, went through the grass. I stayed in the tracks of other cars, kept a steady pace and put on my anti skid. ( I even picked up some men who asked me if I was from the North because of my excellent driving abilities!) Somehow, some way by the grace of God I made it to the girls school. I picked up a few extra kids whose momma was stranded, and headed home. There were a few moments when I thought we were going to have to call for help, but we made it home. Christian had been tossed around by a few people who were just snatching up kids at the school. He was supposed to go with a friend, but someone else got to him first. That made me a little panicky because I wanted to have him with me.

I have never been happier in the past seven years to have a golf cart then I did during this crazy winter weather! The golf cart has those huge off road tires that will go through anything and snow was not an issue. In fact, it is how we got around everywhere for the next two days. It was also our entertainment...sledding behind a golf cart...tons of FUN!

Brian was up in Tennessee missing out on all the fun...little did he know it would happen again two weeks later.


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